Owner Doctor Learning Path

Every dental practice’s potential is tied directly to the owner’s ability as a leader and executive. Seeking to hire someone else to “handle the business/management side of things,” while you wash your hands of it completely, never works.

Or at least, it only works if the owner:

A)    Understands the proper business model and the ins-and-outs of every aspect of the practice

B)    Has implemented good organizational structure and systems

C)     Delegates effectively

D)    Knows how to evaluate practice performance and troubleshoot when things aren’t going well

E)     Retains essential owner duties such as planning, goal setting, financial oversight and open communication with the team.

Only then can the owner step back and let the practice run without their continual involvement. So with DDS Success, we train the team AND the doctor so that everybody is on the same page and these systems get implemented successfully. 

We'll show the doctor how to:

Monitor practice performance and create growth:

  • Improve patient retention
  • Build a profitable hygiene dept
  • Improve case acceptance
  • Design the schedule for maximum production
  • Get outstanding treatment accepted and completed
  • Monitor key performance indicators for the practice

Manage the Staff:

  • Hire quality staff
  • Implement organizational structure and assignment of job functions
  • Get employees fully trained and functioning on the job
  • Evaluate employee performance and maximizing productivity from each position

Present Treatment & Have Excellent Case Acceptance:

  • Present treatment effectively
  • Connect with different types of patients and help them understand their diagnosis and importance of treatment
  • Evaluate whether the patient is truly on board with treatment
  • Overcome the patient’s concerns and objections
  • Overcome the insurance barrier
  • Work together the Treatment or Financial Coordinator to ensure patients follow through on their treatment plan
  • Present options so the patient opts for the ideal treatment plan
  • Handle the financially discussion smoothly

Organization & Coordination:

  • Review key performance indicators and planning with the doctor/owner
  • Oversee internal and external marketing campaigns
  • Ensure new patient flow is sufficient
  • Ensure current production and future production are adequate to achieve the doctor’s daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • Ensure team members are meeting their individual quotas
  • Oversee essential meetings, including morning huddles that maximizes daily production and case acceptance, and a weekly staff meeting
  • Working with the Office Manager to ensure the day runs smoothly and the team is well coordinated
  • Troubleshoot when things go wrong
  • Implement management systems and practice policies
  • Understand the job functions for each team member and oversee their production