Word-of-Mouth Referrals

How to get more new patient referrals through good internal marketing and referrals programs.

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Of course we all want more referrals. After all, referrals tend to be the best patients! They've already gotten a good recommendation of your practice by their family member or friend, and the trust is built in.

But is there a way to consistently encourage word-of-mouth referrals? And is there a program with proven methods and statistics-based analysis, and not just "We should ask for referrals and maybe more patients will come in..."?


In this course, special guest speaker Dr. Greg Hughes lays out a systematic program for maximizing new patient referrals, and provides training for your team so they can all get on board with it and execute the program.


  • Outline an effective care-to-share program and what return you should expect from it
  • Discover eye-opening metrics on how many potential referrals you have in your existing patient base
  • Learn how to frame the referral program positively for patients so that it is comfortable to ask them and they want to participate
  • Learn the most effectively ask for referrals, including demonstrations
  • Ensure that patients' family members get scheduled for appointments
  • Start getting referrals from new patients before they even arrive for their initial appointment
  • Establish who in the practice should be in charge of this program
  • Find opportunities for referrals every day and follow up with them
  • And more!

0.5 CE Hours

Your Instructor

Dr. Greg Hughes
Dr. Greg Hughes

The CEO of Viva Concepts, Dr. Hughes, brings more than 25 years of experience in dental marketing, consulting and business development. He has lectured to more than 30,000 dentists and office staff on the four main factors that determine long term practice growth. Those factors being 1) Customer Acquisition, 2) Consumer Sales , 3) Consumer Retention, and 4) Consumer Reactivation. The "Viva System" and each of its products were researched and developed with Founder Farid Tabibzadeh to bring their knowledge together to create the lowest cost new patient marketing to the dental industry. He started the original "Care to Share" program in the early 1980s and today, it can be found viral throughout any internet search using this phrase.

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