Advanced Tone Scale Training

Understanding how to successfully handle the people side of dentistry

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Dentistry is a "people" business. Dental providers must be technically proficient in clinical procedures, of course, but how successful your practice is will ultimately be determined by your ability to understand, interact with and handle people.

And of course, people are different! This is why scripts often don't work well. There are different types of personalities that will all feel and react differently. And we even change moment to moment depending on our environment and what's happening that day.

This course gives you the tools to understand different types of people—whether it's patients or fellow team members—understand their motivations and how they will react. This enables you to connect with them and create a positive relationship.


  • Help patients understand their diagnosis and the importance of their treatment plan
  • Predict where you may have problems or "trouble" patients
  • Motivate your team and creating a great work environment
  • Hire the right people that will fit with your office
  • Prevent upsets with patients or staff—and smoothing them out easily when they do occur

3.25 CE Hours

Your Instructor

Jeff Blumberg
Jeff Blumberg

A dynamic and entertaining speaker, with over twenty years of experience as an executive in the business world and in the dental industry, Jeff has lectured to over 10,000 dental professionals and their teams. At the helm of MGE as the Chief Operating Officer for the last twenty years, Jeff has engineered incredible year-over-year expansion, resulting in over 500% growth overall. MGE clients also see the most rapid growth in the industry - with an average growth rate of 232% over five years - and Jeff's design and oversight of the MGE program is a major part of that.

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