Scheduling Coordinator Training Course

Complete training for the job of Scheduling Coordinator in a dental office.

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The Scheduling Coordinator is the person that dictates the overall production of your practice. They are in direct control of doctor’s and hygienists’ time, and you will only ever produce what they schedule.

A great Scheduling Coordinator knows how to design the schedule with the perfect balance of high-production-procedures and case presentation opportunities, fill holes quickly, minimize cancellations, maintain flexibility, coordinate with the team, reactivate inactive patients, and monitor patient attrition rates to ensure hygiene and doctor production keep expanding over time.

This course provides training for all of those job functions and more, and includes attendant policies, forms and checklists for download.


  • Understand the purpose and desired outcomes of the Scheduling Coordination role.
  • List out the job duties and daily routine.
  • Learn how a dental schedule works and how to design it for maximal efficiency and productivity.
  • Learn guidelines to plan for and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly production goals.
  • Familiarize with the hygiene side of the schedule and how to build a successful recall program that maximizes patient retention.
  • Gain tools to troubleshoot an underproductive schedule.

3.5 CE Hours

Your Instructor

Carla Dezelic
Carla Dezelic

Carla has been in the dental industry for over 25 and worn just about every "hat" in a dental office that doesn't require a license. She's seen it all and done it all when it comes to managing a dental office and maximizing productivity. Over the last 15 years, she's been a consultant with MGE and has worked with thousands of clients across the US and Canada.

Course Curriculum

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