Associate Doctor Training Path

An associate doctor is an important part of the team! But in many practices, the "team" part gets missed, and the associate doctor may feel disconnected from the group.

This training path helps them both maximize their personal productivity and connect well with the team to assist with overall practice growth.

We'll teach the associate doctor to:

  • Connect with patients and build positive relationships with patients
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Present treatment effectively
  • Connect with different types of patients and help them understand their diagnosis and importance of treatment
  • Evaluate whether the patient is truly on board with treatment
  • Overcome the patient’s concerns and objections
  • Overcome the insurance barrier
  • Work together the Treatment or Financial Coordinator to ensure patients follow through on their treatment plan
  • Present options so the patient opts for the ideal treatment plan
  • Handle the financial discussion smoothly
  • Manage their schedule efficiently and maximize production
  • Understand management systems in the office as applicable to their role
  • Work well with the team
  • And more!