Scheduling Coordinator Learning Path

The Scheduling Coordinator is the person that dictates the overall production of your practice. They are in direct control of doctor’s and hygienists’ time, and you will only ever produce what they schedule.

A great Scheduling Coordinator knows how to design the schedule with the perfect balance of high-production-procedures and case presentation opportunities, fill holes quickly, minimize cancellations, maintain flexibility, coordinate with the team, reactivate inactive patients, and monitor patient attrition rates to ensure hygiene and doctor production keep expanding over time. 

We'll teach your Scheduling Coordinator how to:

Design the ideal schedule:

  • Fine-tune your schedule so you can produce 40% more in the same or less time
  • Meet daily, weekly and monthly production goals
  • Use provider assignment to make the schedule more accurate
  • Block times to maximize production and flexibility
  • Fill the schedule with valuable production and case presentation opportunities
  • Quickly fill last-minute openings
  • Get new patients, emergencies and consultations in quickly

Schedule patients:

  • Confirm appointments
  • Schedule patients for procedures with the doctor
  • Schedule patients for recall
  • Handle cancellation requests
  • Reactivate overdue and inactive patients
  • Handle different types of new patient calls to get them scheduled and arrived, including
  • Price shoppers
  • Insurance questions
  • Second opinions
  • Emergencies

Organizational Duties:

  • Coordinate with the team in the morning huddle
  • Analyze metrics
  • Keep the hygiene department growing over time
  • Calculate patient attrition rate and be proactive to improve it 

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