Customer Service & Communication Training Path

Patient retention is the key to long-term success—and it boils down to customer service and communication with patients 

This study from Walker Research shows that by now, customer experience is THE driving factor for differentiating business in customers’ minds. Not price. Not convenience. Customers choose a business and stick with them because of customer service 

And in order to get top-notch customer service, you need to get the whole team on board. That’s where we help you! 

We'll teach Your Team How To:

  • Make each patient feel welcome and appreciated 
  • Communicate effectively with patients and each other 
  • Handle the "people" side of dentistry confidently
  • Connect with different personality types 
  • Graciously handle unexpected scenarios or upsets 
  • Be in tight coordination as a team and work together smoothly 
  • Reduce wait times and eliminate “bottlenecks” that slow down service 
  • Be responsible and accountable for their area of the practice 
  • Reduce confusion and hecticness throughout the day 
  • And more!