Case Acceptance Training Path

You can only do as much dentistry as the patient accepts (and pays for). The reason you see so many testimonials of MGE clients doubling, tripling, quadrupling their collections is due to a focus on case acceptance. This is done by using great communication and tools to help patients understand their diagnosis and opt for the ideal treatment plan for them.

But this is not only relevant for the Doctor and Treatment Coordinator—every team member has an important role in case acceptance. The Receptionist, Scheduling Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, Hygienist and Assistant all have a role to play.

If everyone isn’t on the same page, patients will slip through the cracks without completing the treatment they need to get fully healthy. 

We'll teach your whole team how to:

  • Connect with different types of patients and help them understand their diagnosis and importance of treatment
  • Evaluate whether the patient is truly on board with treatment
  • Overcome the patient’s concerns and objections
  • Overcome the insurance barrier
  • Identify opportunities for case acceptance each day, and ensure no patient gets missed
  • Work together as a team to ensure every patient gets seen properly
  • Handle the financially discussion smoothly
  • Get patients scheduled and arrived for treatment
  • And more!