Dental Assistant Training Path

RDAs and EFDAs are what makes the practice go! This training gives them tools to make both the doctor's and their own lives easier on the job, and gives little things they can do that make a tremendous difference in practice productivity and growth.

We'll teach the Dental Assistant to:

  • Stay in great coordination with the team
  • Work efficiently and ensure each day is productive
  • Understand the scheduling system and how to stay on the same page with the front desk
  • Keep the schedule running on-time
  • Provide excellent customer service for patients
  • Communicate effectively and create long-lasting relationships with patients
  • Understand and work with the different types of patients and personalities you'll encounter day-to-day
  • Assist the doctor with patient education and case acceptance, leading to more treatment plan completions
  • Help to generate more word-of-mouth referrals
  • Understand how their role fits into the success of the practice at large, and things they can do from their position to facilitate practice growth
  • And much more!