Practice Organization & Management Training Path

MGE: Management Experts has 30 years of experience in designing the blueprint for an efficient and profitable dental practice (or multiple practices). Clients that do the full MGE Program see an average growth rate of 232%.

While this training path doesn't include cover the full MGE curriculum, it includes several of the key organizational systems to get your practice operating profitably, your team working together, and see immediate practice growth.

We'll Teach You How To:

  • Review key performance indicators and planning with the doctor/owner 
  • Oversee internal and external marketing campaigns 
  • Ensure new patient flow is sufficient 
  • Ensure current production and future production are adequate to achieve the doctor’s daily, weekly, and monthly goals 
  • Ensure team members are meeting their individual quotas 
  • Oversee essential meetings: 
  • Morning huddle that maximizes daily production and case acceptance 
  • Weekly staff meeting 
  • Working with the Office Manager to ensure the day runs smoothly and the team is well coordinated 
  • Troubleshoot when things go wrong 
  • Handle problems and “put out fires” so they don’t end up on the doctor’s plate 
  • Implement management systems and practice policies 
  • Understand the job functions for each team member and oversee their production 
  • Streamline the case presentation and financial arrangements process
  • And more!