New Patient Acquisition Training Path

Acquiring new patients isn't just a matter or sending out a postcard or putting up a website. Practices that regularly see a high flow of quality new patients have optimized every aspect of new patient acquisition, both internally and externally.

We'll teach you how to:

  • Plan your externally marketing strategically so you get the best bang for your buck 
  • Determine your marketing budget 
  • Have great search engine optimization for your website 
  • Manage your online reputation—and get a ton of positive online reviews 
  • Never miss out on scheduling patients’ family and friends that should be coming in to the dentist 
  • Get more word-of-mouth referrals than you ever thought you could 
  • Track where your new patients are coming from, so you know which marketing is working and which isn’t 
  • Answer the phones effectively—so you never miss out on a potential new patients 
  • Handle different types of questions like, “Do you take my insurance?” “How much do you charge for a crown?” and more.  
  • Get new patients arrive in the office and reduce cancellations 
  • And more!