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DDS Success - The Online Training Platform of MGE


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Sign Up Now! or Schedule a Free Demo

Train your entire team on effective management systems to improve efficiency and productivity in your office!
Subscribe monthly for access to the entire course library.
Includes individual accounts and tailored learning paths for your staff.*

The top practice management consultants and speakers in dentistry, right in your own office.

Effective systems laid out in simple, step-by-step video courses, so you can learn how to increase productivity and efficiency.

Thorough training for front office functions including answering the phones, scheduling, billing, insurance, and more!

Every month we will be adding new training content, so there will always be more to learn.

Train on your schedule! With 24/7 access to the entire course library, you pick the time!

Take many of the key lessons from the MGE program home to your entire team and watch the practice grow!

Why does traditional dental consulting often get lackluster results?

Have you hired a dental consultant before?

If you have, you may have experienced that the results can be "hit or miss." Why? Well, here's how consulting often goes (not always, but often):

  • The consultant does a thorough analysis, revealing some interesting things about your practice, and provides you with a long list of recommendations. This may cost $20k, $30k or more.
  • You show these recommendations to your staff, and they roll their eyes at them...
  • After a few weeks or months, you leave the list of recommendations in a drawer somewhere, and things go back to normal...
That's a very expensive piece of paper in your drawer!

At MGE, we have a different solution. It's based around our online training platform, DDS Success.

What's different about DDS Success?

  1. We do the initial practice assessment with you, uncovering all the "pain points" and under-producing, inefficient areas of your practice.
  2. Then you enter our online training portal. Accounts are created for every staff member in your practice, so they can do highly-engaging video courses that show them exactly how to implement these new systems. The videos help them understand why things are done this way and how it helps them on their job. This includes all the "how-to's" and complete job training.
  3. We follow up with periodic one-on-one coaching calls to tailor a specific lineup of courses for the team, address any specific issues or obstacles, and help guide you through implementation.
  4. You continue to learn with the online courses, covering topics like case acceptance, new patient marketing, scheduling efficiently, organization, recall programs, teambuilding and more. These courses provide CE credits through the AGD PACE Program.
And this is all done in a way that doesn't invalidate your staff or tell them they "don't know how to do their jobs." In fact, the feedback we usually get from staff is "Oh thank goodness the doctor is finally getting some organization in place. This makes my job so much easier!"

And the best part: it doesn't cost thousands! It's just $289 per month, and there are no contracts so you're not locked in. You can cancel after one month if it's not right for you.

*Additional accounts can be purchased for offices with more than 10 staff.

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"DDS Success is a fantastic tool! We signed up in November and got everybody to watch the initial courses and sales training, and then December was our highest December collections ever! We collected $286,000 while only working 12 days! In prior years, we would usually do about $145,000 for December, so that's a huge increase! It's totally because of DDS Success. It got the whole team going." - A.P., DDS

"This has changed the whole energy of the practice! Even staff I had never considered bringing to MGE (receptionists, assistants, etc.) are using the information and loving it. They refer to the technology they've learned constantly and want more. Production is up, we're selling more cases, and even my personal productivity is up. I'm running from op to op like nothing can stop me! It already paid for itself in the first day — no, the first hour!" — M.O., DMD


24/7 unlimited training for you and your team to ensure you're always on track

A comprehensive online library of courses covering effective systems, individual job training, phone skills, case acceptance, marketing, teambuilding and more!

Systems to:
  • Build an ultra-productive, profitable hygiene department
  • Run your schedule efficiently for maximum production and minimum stress
  • Deliver fantastic customer service for your patients
  • Present cases effectively and get more patients saying "YES!"
  • Generate a high number of quality new patients

Get a thorough practice assessment and guidance from your coach, and we're always available for fast and easy online support to answer questions and get you pointed in the right direction


There are no contracts or commitments. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

"I can't put to words how great this video training is! We all watch a video for 10 minutes after the morning huddle every day. It's very easy to do and everything is applicable. It really brings awareness to how to communicate better and be more productive. The communication between my staff is so much better, and everything runs smoothly. The interaction between my patients and my staff is GREAT now — we're getting lots of compliments about how caring the staff are, how they listen, and how the patients feel taken care of the right way." - A.M., DDS

"DDS Success is an essential complement to MGE training. It bridges the gap between seminars and enables our team to continue to train on a weekly or daily basis!" — R.S., DDS & V.S., DDS

"We are discovering that new team members can watch these videos and come up to speed faster. They are actually wanting to go see the seminars and do the courses. These are great informational spots that make the team motivated! They can sit and go through 3 or 4 of the videos in about 20 minutes and apply that to the next customer coming in the door and I'm seeing results – whether it be they're more friendly with the person coming in the door, or ask more appropriate questions, they're actually applying it as they watch the videos.

"For me, even though I’ve done most of the MGE program, I still go back and watch the videos and think 'Oh I forgot about that!' It’s a great refresher for myself.

"I appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into this endeavor. The professionalism in the videos is superb. The actors are amazing. You guys pulled out all the stops. For those of us in small town America, it is a godsend. Thank you." — L.S., DDS

MGE Instructors

Greg Winteregg, DDS
An MGE client prior to becoming a partner in 1994, Greg has spent the last 23 years teaching doctors how to create exponential growth and take control of their practices. A model of what can be accomplished by an MGE client, Greg more than doubled his collections, 7Xed his new patients and reduced his workweek to 22.5 hours per week — all within 12 months of starting the MGE Program!

As a nationally recognized practice management speaker, Dr. Winteregg is entertaining, yet hard hitting and informative. His specific knowledge and personal application of the principles he teaches makes the information very real and immediately applicable to every person, whether they are a doctor or an office team member. He has personally lectured to or consulted several thousand dentists on every aspect of practice management and expansion and has been a featured speaker at a number of dental meetings. He has also been published in several national magazines specific to the dental industry.

Mr. Jeff Blumberg
A dynamic and entertaining speaker, with over twenty years of experience as an executive in the business world and in the dental industry, Jeff has lectured to over 10,000 dental professionals and their teams. At the helm of MGE as the Chief Operating Officer for the last twenty years, Jeff has engineered incredible year-over-year expansion, resulting in over 500% growth overall. MGE clients also see the most rapid growth in the industry - with an average growth rate of 232% over five years - and Jeff's design and oversight of the MGE program is a major part of that.
Ms. Carla Dezelic Carla has been in the dental industry for over 25 years and has worn just about every "hat" in a dental office that doesn't require a license. She's seen it all and done it all when it comes to managing a dental office and maximizing productivity. Over the last 15 years, she's been a consultant with MGE and has worked with thousands of clients across the US and Canada.

Mr. Adam Mortimer
A leader in dental marketing, Adam Mortimer has a track record of success in spearheading new marketing channels and sources of new patients over the last decade. He’s worked with multiple dental practice management firms, allowing him to connect with an enormous number of dental offices around the country to research and test all types of marketing and advertising strategies. In addition to his duties as the Marketing Director for MGE, Adam has lectured to thousands of dental professionals on the subject of marketing and knows how to get any dental office to the next level with their marketing.

Guest Instructors

Greg Hughes, DDS
The CEO of Viva Concepts, Dr. Hughes, brings more than 25 years of experience in dental marketing, consulting and business development. He has lectured to more than 30,000 dentists and office staff on the four main factors that determine long term practice growth. Those factors being 1) Customer Acquisition, 2) Consumer Sales , 3) Consumer Retention, and 4) Consumer Reactivation. The "Viva System" and each of its products were researched and developed with Founder Farid Tabibzadeh to bring their knowledge together to create the lowest cost new patient marketing to the dental industry. He started the original "Care to Share" program in the early 1980s and today, it can be found viral throughout any internet search using this phrase.

About Us

DDS Success is the online training platform of MGE: Management Experts, the top dental practice management training provider for the last 25 years. In addition to hearing from trainers and consultants from MGE, we've also gathered the brightest minds in dentistry to share their practice experience with you. These are top performing dentists and industry leaders who have built incredibly successful dental offices and help thousands of other dentists do the same.

About MGE Management Experts

At MGE we believe that training the doctor and his or her staff is the only effective way to bring about lasting results in practice performance and statistics. In our “fast-food” society, people have developed a tendency to look for the easiest – as opposed to the most effective – solution to their problems. Taking the easy way out, they are often disappointed by the results.

There is one thing that truly makes MGE stand out from the rest: RESULTS. We live, sleep and breathe results. Clients come to us with a purpose – to improve conditions in their practice. If you read any of our literature or speak with one or more MGE clients you’ll see we uniformly get results: Doubled, tripled or quardupled revenues or new patients, less stress and financial success. Oftentimes, the results we get are so outrageous they may be hard to believe. It’s not uncommon to have prospective clients ask if they are real. Yes, they are. And with hard work and dedication you too could have similar results.

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